JCBI: BC Spring Classic Tournament – 5th place

Updated 4/1/2007 5:10 pm
Early this morning, JCBI battled Starpath again, this time in the consolation bracket. JCBI took home the win, 5-2, taking 5th place in the BC Classic. This was also my first opportunity to snap a few pictures of the kids playing – they’ll be posted shortly.

Updated 3/30/2007 9:30 pm
JCBI 12U was looking revenge tonight after last nights losses. Dylan stepped onto the rubber for JC and didn’t let up the entire game, pitching a no-hitter. And the rest of the team stepped up to the plate, letting their bats do the rest of the talking. Once the dust had settled JCBI had walked away with it’s first win of the season beating Starpath 9-1 in 5 innings. Way to go kids!!!

JCBI 12U kicked off its season tonight with a tournament in Columbia, MO. The night began taking on the Kingdom City Cowboys, final 6-1 Cowboys. Followed by Mexico Select, final there 11-3 Mexico. Not a great start, but again, this is a development team. The kids are working on the basics and will build their skills from there. Unlike many of the teams that play at BC, this team is looking down the road 3-4 years and aren’t so concerned about winning right now or taking shortcuts. It’s a lesson in discipline and patience that’ll hopefully lead to a winning team down the road.

All-in-all the kids looked pretty good and stepped it up a bit from their recent practices. Another game Friday evening, then one or more on Sunday. Fingers crossed!

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