Mud Dawgs: BC Spring Classic Tournament – 7th Place

Update 4/1/2007 5:30 pm
What a baseball weekend… there's been so much rain in the area both Friday and Saturday that the Mud Dawgs 9:00 am game against the Naperville Renegades was postponed until 10:00 pm. And our game against JCBI 13U didn't start until 11:15 pm… It's seems like so many games ago already, I can't remember the details very well. We lost against Renegades, 10-5 and beat JCBI 13U, 4-1, I think…

This mornings game against the Mustangs was another disappointing loss for the Dawgs. The kids were hitting pretty good. Both Jordan and Sam knocked in two RBI's each and Skyler Lucas… well, that kid is on fire. If it wasn't for a 20+ foot chain link fence he would've knocked it out of the park, some 285+ feet. It was a shot!!! Way to go Skyler!

The Dawgs took it on the chin again tonight losing to the Columbia Twisters in their first game of the tournament. The Dawgs held it together initially, but things fell apart midway in the game. Unfortunately Sam wasn't able to play with the Dawgs tonight, he was playing with JCBI, but we we're with them in spirit and I made several trips to keep tabs on them.

Two games Saturday, then another on Sunday – hopefully more.

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