You can’t install ScriptLogic on Thursdays

Spending almost my entire life working with technology – the last 10 years in Information Technology, I thought I've pretty much seen and heard it all. Obviously not yet. Today while Joel (one of our network guys) was working on a new Vista box we have, he ran into a little issue with ScriptLogic. ScriptLogic is a program we use at Learfield that helps us manage computer configurations and login scripts. Anyway, after an hour or so scratching his head, he called tech support and they tag teamed the issue. And after another hour we had our answer, ScriptLogic had just discover a problem… Seems you can't install on it Thursdays. Honest to God, I'm not making it up. The work around; either disable Vista's UAC (user access control – the Secret Service guy in the Mac ads) or wait till Friday or another day just so long as it's not Thursday.

That wondrous piece of engineering made us laugh the rest of the day.

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