Parallels Coherence: slick stuff

I just love my Macbook Pro – I'm turning into a believer. Awesome performance, sexy package, and the ability to run several operating systems simultaneously via Parallels makes me far more productive than I ever thought possible. Now before you start telling me about VMware – yep, been there, done that for years. Personally, I was never satisfied with the performance of VMs on a Windows box and in my opinion it doesn't compare to a VM on OS X. And now with the addition of Parallels Coherence (I recently started using it) the almost seamless transition between OS that I already enjoyed truly feels seamless now with Coherence. Nothing particularly ground breaking in terms of new technology, but it's a refinement, polish, that you come to expect in OS X and now Parallels extends that expectation to the Windows VM of your choice. Awesome!

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