No love for the Mud Dawgs… not yet anyway.

Last night we finally managed to squeeze in the first two games of league play. To start things off they faced 14U AAA Columbia Lightening – now folks, if you ever wondered about the size and strength differences between 13U and 14U, it was certainly on display last night. The Lightening just plain whipped the tar out of the Dawgs, 11-0 before it was thankfully over.

And in keeping with the evolving theme for the evening, game 2 was against 13U AAA Nightmare. Now this Nightmare team is chocked full of some very talented ball players – they are a tough team. But you know, after the coaches got through with the boys following their game 1 defeat, a totally different Mud Dawg team took to the field. For the first 5 innings, the Dawgs were in it to win, but as seen in the past, a couple lucky breaks followed by a few errors just plain robbed the Dawgs of their bite. In the end the scoreboard read 7-3 and the Dawgs added another one to the loss column.

The weekend the Mud Dawgs play in the Frozen Rope tournament here in Columbia, MO. Thankfully this is a AA tournament and the Dawgs will finally get a chance to play against some teams in both their age and class. Lets save the playing up in class for later in the season after we've at least had some time to practice.

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