Mud Dawgs: Frozen Rope Tournament – 1st Place

Wow! the Mud Dawgs sure kicked off the tournament tonight with a bang. And I'm sure the Columbia Ravens are still trying to figure out just what went wrong in losing to the Mud Dawgs, 8-0 in 5 innings.

Giving credit where it's due. The night had to belong to Alden – his pitching was simply on fire. Almost as quick as the Ravens got in the batters box, Alden sent them back to the dugout. And what about Blake – his first, and a two run homer at that, was a 285+ shot over the left field fence in the first inning.

RBI's for the night: Kyle had two, while Skyler, Blake and Jeffery each had one. And I missed one somewhere along the way – my apologies.

Tomorrow the Dawgs take on the Columbia Aces and the Hillsboro Braves.

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