Mud Dawgs: Cowhide Classic – 1st Place

After a hour and a half rain delay and two plus inches of rain, we saw the miracle of the Twin Oaks ballfields and grounds crew, when top seed Mud Dawgs faced the Columbia Aces in the championship game. You simply have to give this game to Alden, giving up only one hit in five innings, the Mud Dawgs shutout the Aces 8-0. And for those of you keeping score, that's two tournament wins in two weeks.

Several hundred more pictures taken this weekend, I'll get the posted to the site as soon as I can.
(Pictures have been posted here)

Game highlights: Sunday 5/6/2007
Mud Dawgs vs. Sedalia Hurricanes:
This was a nail bitter from the start with the Dawgs almost blowing their chance to play in the championship game, but in the end the score was 6-4 with the Dawgs on top. Sam and Alden both doubled. And if we counted them right, Garret had three RBIs.

Mud Dawgs vs. Columbia Aces:
Sam laid down two perfect bunts, both managed to get in the run and Sam beat out the throw to first. Kyle and Blake each got a RBI, Blake had a double and Jeffery stole home. Final, Mud Dawgs 5, Aces 1.

Game highlights: Saturday 5/5/2007
Mud Dawgs vs. Sedalia Blue Soxs
It was Mud Dawgs all the way beating the Blue Soxs 12-0. Austin, Skyler Lucas, Blake, and Jordan all had at least one double. Lots of singles and stealing on errors – too many to list. Way to go Dawgs!

Mud Dawgs vs. Macon Heat:
It was an ugly game, where the Dawgs played poorly and it was the only game the Dawgs lost in the tournament, giving into the Heat, 4-2. And as if to add insult to injury, one run was an unearned walkin – yikes.

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