Be Bold and Courageous

First off let me say that this posting is for me and my own personal development.  If you’re not interested in, concerned with, or just wondering what the heck;  keep in mind the URL you typed in the browser that got you here is my name, not yours.  You’re free to leave just as quickly as you came.

A couple weeks ago the company I work for put on a “Life Skills” weekend in St. Louis, with about a third of employees and their spouses from all over the country attending.  It was great to finally put some faces with people I talk with on the phone, not to mention this company knows how to put-on a shindig.  Anyway, the theme for the weekend was to “Be Bold and Courageous”.  And my wife and I attended several conferences from raising kids to building a stronger marriage.

I intentionally held off posting anything about the weekend to let things sink in a bit.  Initially, I felt that while it was a great time and I’d definitely go again; it was high on motivation, but lacked much in the way of substance.  Now, I’m not so sure.  As I’m beginning to recognize many things I do now or could do differently that contribute to me and my family’s overall life experience.

For me personally even though it wasn’t a topic covered at the conference.  I’ve come to realize some of my shortcomings and how they affect others.  As an example, for the first time I realized that while I’m pretty much a “glass is half full” kind of guy in a strategic sense, you’d never know it because day-to-day I’ll act tactically as a “glass is half empty” sort.  I can’t begin to express the sort of frustration/tension this has caused me and others in both my home and work lives.  And at this point, I’m still not sure how I’ll reconcile these two opposing personality traits, but hopefully recognizing it is the first step to recovery.  And admitting it here will hopefully keep it forefront on my mind to do something about it.

There are, were, additional things I took away from the conference, but I’ll write about those another day.  In the final analysis, the challenge that frankly each of us face every day, is to find the boldness and courage to act in the best interest of what is right and just, for you, your family and the world!  Here’s to hoping you and I live up to that challenge!

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