JCBI: Columbia Classic – 9th Place

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Here's the official word from John Haynes:
In a MajorsAAA tournament at Twin Oaks the JCBI 12U baseball team went 1-3 over the weekend.

On Sunday JCBI lost in Consolation bracket play to the St. Louis Cobras 9-0. The Cobras knocked out 12 hits and held JCBI to one hit, a Jake Laughlin single. Alex Johnson took the loss and Alex Cuneio pitched in relief.

In pool play JCBI beat the Mid America Blue Devils 11-9, but lost to the Kingdom Cowboys 12-4 and the Ballwin Gargoyles 12-8.

In the 11-9 win against the Blue Devils Alex Johnson had the game winning RBI, driving in Dan Haynes who led off with a triple in the 5th inning. Johnson had 3 hits, 2 RBI and 3 runs scored. Alex Cuneio went 3-3 with 3 hits, 1 RBI and 2 runs. Brenden Ogletree had 2 RBI and a run scored for JCBI. Haynes had 2 runs scored for JCBI. Corey Beard was the starting pitcher and pitched 4 innings, picking up the win for JCBI. Joey Smith pitched 2 innings in relief and picked up the save in relief.

A JCBI rally fell short in the loss to the Garygoyles. Down 10-0 in the bottom of the 5th Joey Smith ignited an 8 run JCBI rally with an inside the park grand slam homerun driving in Beard, Haynes and Cuneio. Smith was 2-3 with 5 RBI and a run scored on the day. Jake Laughlin had 2 RBI with a double and Sam Atkinson had 1 RBI and run scored. Dylan Brauner added 2 hits with a run scored. Sam Atkinson was the starter and pitched 4 innings for JCBI with Smith pitching the final 2 innings.

In the 12-4 loss to the Cowboys Atkinson, Beard, Haynes and Johnson had 1 RBI each, with runs scored by Eric Standlee, Atkinson, Brauner and Smith. Brauner was the starter and took the loss with Laughlin pitching the last inning.


Updated Sunday 4:30 pm
Well, that was quick – an 8-0 loss against the St. Louis Cobra's sent us home in a hurry. Not much to say, the score says it all – we just weren't hitting the ball. Parents however got a nice lecture from the coaches about not getting overly involved. I don't know. From my days of coaching my son's ball team, I know parents can be, dare I say it? A pain in the butt! It's a fine line, but loose the parents and you'll loose the kids, it's pretty much that simple. Funding, discipline, encouragement, along with a list of other traits come more from the parents at age 12 than the few hours a week spent with coaches. This isn't high school ball, not yet anyway. Here's a great article that discusses these issues. I thought the section and links under Raising Awareness were particularly interesting:
Expectations of the Kids
Parenting Philosophy
Coaching Philosophy

Updated Sunday 9:00am
Saturday's games were a mixture of jubilation and utter disappointment.

In game 1 Corey started us off on the mound in what was to be an unnerving start to the game, but the boys got their bats working after the Devils had a tough inning in the third and pulled out a win 11-9. A real team effort as the lower half of the batting order made things happen while the top struggled.

Game 2 was another story altogether as JCBI lost to the Gargoyles, 12-8. Sam got us going, pitching his first game in three years. Now, I don't know all that much about pitching, but John Haynes tells me he did ok. As for the rest of the team – they just weren't in the game, Alex Johnson saved Sam a few hits in center, but the infield was asleep, blowing what should have been many easy outs. Then something happened in the bottom of the 4th and JCBI exploded with Corey starting a rally that was to scare the Gargoyles to death, scoring 7 runs. Unfortunately it just wasn't enough to catch up – the first 4 and a half innings had done too much damage and JCBI ran out of time. Proof positive that it's never over till it's over and that it's important to play hard every minute of every inning. Hopefully the boys learned something from this game.

Saturday 6:00 am
Friday marked the start of the Columbia Classic and another disappointing loss for JCBI against the Kingdom City Cowboys. I know John will provide us with the "official stats", but holy cow, a big part of baseball is about NOT making mistakes and, well, we made them by the truck load. Dylan pitched 4 great innings, but he might as well been the only player on the field – that's got to be frustrating. Score? I was too aggravated to keep track – I'll save that frustration for another post later. Today's a new day – thankfully.

A 9:00 am start Saturday against the Blue Devils, then the Gargoyles at 2:45 pm – hopefully the boys are well rested and ready to play some ball.

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