Mud Dawgs think World Series

Monday evening the Dawgs again took on 14U AA JCBI and this time the boys we're playing ball.  The Dawgs lead all but the first inning, but unfortunately things fell apart in the bottom of the 4th.  And by the 5th, the scoreboard read, 13 – 8, JCBI.  Just goes to show, you have have to be on it, every minute of a game. Nice to know the younger boys can hang with these older teams, even though it's hard work, when they play teams in their class, it's almost a walk-in-the-park for them.

Coaches are starting to think beyond  the state tournament to the World Series in Kansas.  Personally, I'd love to see them go.  Not only would it be good experience for the boys, I'll bet you a dozen donuts the boys will do well there.

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