Mud Dawgs split two games Wednesday

The Mud Dawgs started things off Wednesday evening with a loss against the Mexico Dawgs.  While game 2 chocked up another win for the Dawgs against 13U AA JCBI, though it was a hard night for Sam.  Things just weren't clicking for him and he feels enormous pressure to perform whenever the Mud Dawgs face any of the JCBI teams.  It's hard to watch your kid struggle, Sheri and I, the coaches, and the team were all worried about him, but I'm happy to report, he's back to normal.  And while his meltdown certianly concerned Sheri and I, it presented an opportunity to remind Sam, it's a game.  First and foremost, have fun, do your best, have a good attitude and let the chips fall where they will.  Nobody is perfect, move on and look forward to the next hit, the next at bat, the next opportunity.  Do that and you'll be a winner – life is pretty simple after all.

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