Mud Dawgs: the party is over as the Dawgs have been bumped to AAA

Much to my shock and horror, while looking at the USSSA stats for the Dawgs, I noticed something looked a bit odd. They've (USSSA) bumped the Dawg's classification from AA to AAA, in the middle of the freakin' season! Now folks, that changes everything. Basically, takes it takes the Dawgs from being a contender in AA and all but dooms them in AAA. Obviously, this has a huge impact on state and national tournaments they can and can't play in. I can't begin to understand the rational behind this. First the Dawgs lost 5 players from the 2006 season, secondly just look at the win/loss record against the AAA teams we've played in 2007. Now lets be clear, I'm all for challenging the boys, but in the middle of the season – are you out of your mind? Guys, your actions don't support the facts here.

UPDATE: Mud Dawgs are set to appeal the AAA reclassification. It appears that many teams were reclassified and it's suspected computer glitch or data entry error wrongly triggered the reclassification.

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