Missouri 13U and 12U AA State Tournament – Updated

Update Monday 10:00 am
What a day Sunday was. We got up at 5:30 to pack up and head off to join the Mud Dawgs in Nevada for an 8:30 am game and finally, about 9:30 pm or so and 4 games later, the Dawgs were done with a 4th place finish. I'd share more, but frankly, I'm spent! I'm really proud of the coaches and the Dawgs. It was freakin' hot out there and a long day, but the Dawgs kept fighting, kept playing, and kept joking around.


Updated: Saturday 6:30 pm
Mud Dawgs wrapped up pool play this morning going 3-0. The bracket starts Sunday and it'll take 4 more wins in a row to win it all. That's a tall order. Sam will rejoin the Dawgs on Sunday.

Unfortunately, JCBI was knocked out of the tournament this evening. My personal thanks to Coach Baker from the Mud Dawgs for coming down to watch Sam and his team play. He cheered JCBI and helped keep the boys on the fence through a tough game. The JCBI parents and coaches couldn't be prouder of these boys. If you asked us 3 months ago, none of us would've believed they'd do so well here. They made it into the top 24, then the top 8, and according to USSSA they achieved a 6th 9th 5th place finish. Good job JCBI – a real team effort and something you should be proud of!


Updated: Friday 6:00 pm
This afternoon the Mud Dawgs edged out a victory over the Kansas City River Dawgs (9th in the nation). Way to go Dawgs! This puts them 2-0 and wraps pool play for the 13U tournament, bracket play starts tomorrow morning. Final pool game tomorrow at 8:00 am.

JCBI also wrapped up pool play this evening, beating the Diamondbacks 14-4 and going 3-0. Way to go JCBI! For the pool, JC only gave up 13 runs and achieved at 22 run differential in their pool. Not a bad spot to be in. Hopefully this'll put them in the top 8 and they'll pick up a by for tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


Thursday evening:
A pretty good first day at the state tournaments.

13U AA Mud Dawgs won their first game 13-1 against the St. Louis Raiders. And 12U AA JCBI won both their games, run ruling the Cyclones 10-2 and beating the Jaguars 13-7.

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