Mud Dawgs: Missouri State Tournament – 4th Place

Sam was able to rejoin the Dawgs Sunday for bracket play. He missed out on all the pool play since he was in Joplin playing with JCBI. Anyways, Sunday was an incredibility hot and long day; four games that started at 8:30 am and ran thru 9:30 pm or so.

I didn't keep any stats or scores – you can find them posted under the 2007 USSSA Standings link under the highlights (top right). The third game was a see-saw battle with the Southwest Cardinals, but in the end the Cardnials wound up on top and the Dawgs hopes of a first place finish at state was over. It was an extremely disappointing loss and a game the Dawgs could have won – I guess that's what made it so hard to take. Then without a break, having to play another game for third – well, the boys hearts and coaches just weren't in it. And they lost a 5-5 tie game on a balk call to the Midwest Athletics.

On a personal note: I just couldn't believe the umpires – a championship game and a tied game at that and ole "blue" bulk calls the winning run. Obviously, the umpires couldn't careless about the game. And yes, I'd feel the same way if the shoe was on the other foot. Good umpires don't decide games, espically championship games. Warn the boys, don't give the game away because you have a hot date. It just makes me sick to think about! "Blue" whoever your two were – you're an embarassment to the game!

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