JCBI tryouts

Saturday was the first of two scheduled tryouts for JCBI and WOW, what a difference a year makes!  I haven’t heard a number of those who showed up, but there looked to be quite a few and quite a bit of talent.  Should get next years teams off to a good start. 

JCBI 13U, or more appropriately, JCBI-Lite, kicks off their fall season next week with a tournament in Columbia.  It’s been almost a month since the boys played a ball game, so I’m sure they’re looking forward to it.  I know Sam is.

JCBI-Lite, because they aren’t technically part of the JCBI organization for the fall season.  Rather, the parents took over and enlisted/drafted the coaches to keep the boys playing.  The 12U boys had a pretty good season and improved greatly from start to finish and we wanted to keep that good thing going.  Since it’s pretty much the same boys and coaches, I’ll just keep posting under the existing JCBI links on this site.

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