2007 Mud Dawgs Video

Hey, I’m getting better (faster?). After stressing about getting this season highlight video done, it’s finished, and almost 2 months earlier than last year!

What a blast this year was – a virtual whril wind for us. And once again, Jade, Larry, Bobby – you guys are amazing! Thank you for all your hard work with the boys once again this year. You guys are the best and words simply can’t convey the appreciation we feel in our hearts for you guys.

This year’s video doesn’t even scratch the surface of the piles of pictures and video Sheri and I captured. Perhaps as winter sets in I’ll produce another movie or two – we’ll see. Until then, you can get a look-see at this one on YouTube, or you can download it from here. The download requires Apple’s QuickTime which is a free download from Apple.

P.S. JCBI and Thunder – I haven’t forgotten about you guys, your videos are in the works.

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