BC baseball expands its program

For years now I’ve been touting the BC baseball program at Twin Oaks in Columbia, Missouri.  Simply put, I’ve felt there’s no better place to play baseball in central Missouri, and in my opinion, this league develops some of the best baseball players in Missouri –bar none.  Teams make their way to Columbia every spring and summer from all over Missouri and are generally surprised at the level of competition they run into.  If you can compete here, you can go anywhere in the state and being in the running to win a tournament.

This year the league is expanding.  Normally, I’d agree it’s a good thing –anything that brings more kids into baseball is a good thing.  However, kids have been traveling from all over central Missouri to play at BC and only the truly dedicated make the commitment and sacrifice to play.  For many of these kids baseball is everything, it’s more than just a game.  Now with such a rapid and large expansion of the league, I can only hope that steps are being taken to ensure the level of competition remains high.  It’d be easy with an influx of teams to lose sight of developing great baseball players in lieu of the almighty dollar.  If that happens, you can bet your last dollar, I’ll be the first one screaming!  Until then, I’ll hold my tongue and cross my fingers!


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