How hard can it be?

Nothing much to post, been spending lots of time reading and working on some digital images. Henry Domke, a local artist, has been kind enough to offer advice and help me work through recent frustration I’ve encountered printing photos with various companies. It never ceases to amaze me just how complicated everything in life is — the deeper you dig, no matter how simple the topic, the more you realize just how little you know. I guess that’s what always attracted me to technology, there’s a surprise around every corner. And for every level of expertise achieved, there’s always another level…

Getting that photo in your head, captured, through Photoshop and onto paper the way you envisioned, is no small challenge. And as if the camera alone doesn’t introduce a million possible combinations, developing, editing and printing each introduce a million more. Nothing remarkable about that, it’s always been that way and it always will. For those who feel photography isn’t art, go capture that painting, sculpture, etc., in your head with a camera and get it onto paper… no cheating, it should match what’s in your head. Good Luck!

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