JCBI: BC Spring Classic – 2nd Place

Updated: 3/30/2008 7:50pm
Another cold and wet day, hardly optimal conditions for taking pictures or playing baseball, but the team had a job to do, so I had pictures to take.

JCBI was ready to play as they took on Mexico Select in the semi-finals. They’re still struggling in the hitting department, but defensively they were firing on all cylinders, shutting out their opponents 3-0.

Next up was the championship game against the Mighty Bucks, where JCBI fell to the Bucks, 1-5. Things just weren’t clickin’ in this game, especially the bats, and it seemed like every other pitch was a curve ball. Coming up to the tournament many of us felt our weakest area was hitting and that proved true, so the boys have some work to do there, but they’ll get there.

A big congratulations go out the the boys and the coaches for a job well done. This team has improved so much, and in so many areas it’s difficult to describe. Pretty good way to start a season, way to go guys, you make your coaches and parents proud.

This weekend’s baseball tournament feels more like football weather than baseball, but I guess that’s to be expected this time of year.

Thursday evening JCBI kicked off pool play falling victim to the Mighty Bucks, 0-2. All-in-all JCBI played well, but just couldn’t get across the plate, leaving runners stranded in scoring position each and every inning. However, talking with the parents, we’re all elated with the boys performance against this triple A (AAA) team. A year ago the scoreboard could have easily read 0-10, but it’s a testament to the coaches and teams hard work getting ready for this season.

Saturday was another story entirely as JCBI won both it’s pool games. First up was Mexico Select, another team who could have easily beaten us a year ago, followed by St. Louis Xtreme. Personally, I don’t think the boys played nearly as well as they did against the Bucks Thursday, but with each game the bats started working better and better. Defensively JCBI is a pretty strong and with a little more work and some more experience on the field, they should get the hitting and base running figured out.

So here we are, the first tournament of the season and second seed –looks like it could be a promising year. Sunday, JCBI again faces Mexico Select as they try to secure their spot in the championship game. Rest assured Select will be looking for revenge, should make for a good game.

I spend my time running all over the park watching the games through the lens of my camera, so adding any game highlights or stats is a bit iffy for me. Within a couple days following the tournament, our book keeper, John Haynes puts together a nice highlight piece which I’ll post here as usual.

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