Stupid Republicians

Yeah, that’s right, you’re just a bunch of stupid, uninformed, sheep. I really don’t understand how they find comfort in such simplistic view of 40% or more of the country. These are after all supposed to be the smartest folks in the room.

For me, I take comfort in these opinions of us conseratives. The truth is, the more the left becomes concened with lossing the upcoming election, the more they’ll point to how stupid the rest of us are. Just wait and watch –and we’ll see come November.

The Dailykos:

McCain’s policies are, on the major issues, either the same or worse
than Bush’s. Bush is fantastically unpopular: on issues of foreign
policy, economy and basic governance the public supports the Democratic
positions far more than the Republican versions. So what the hell is
going on, that McCain could be even within twenty points of either
Clinton or Obama? Who are these people that loathe everything
the Republicans have done, the last seven years, and yet would be
willing to cast their votes for McCain anyway?

Depressingly, I suspect the answer is
straightforward, and the same phenomenon of any other election (and
quite recognizably in 2004). Among voters, especially uninformed
voters, simple political tribalism is a powerful force. As coverage
about Iraq wanes, in favor of coverage of the campaign season, the news
cycles are dominated more and more by the typical, entirely predictable
back and forth of political gamesmanship. The connection between what
goes on in the real world and the "politics" of it — the people
causing it to happen — becomes more tenuous. We are very used to
political campaigning, every two years. It is rote. It seems an utterly
fictional process, in large part because it is; even the most
uninformed of voters is intelligent enough to know that the pandering
of a political campaign is nothing more than the same general
hucksterism they are exposed to in every other election.

I can understand their blind allegiance to Bush… in the same way I
understood the mass suicide at Jonestown or members of the Heaven’s
Gate cult cutting off their testicles and offing themselves in order to
leave their bodily "containers" and enter an alien spacecraft hidden
behind Comet Hale-Bopp.

But really buying the shit Fox News broadcasts requires a scary kind
of intellectual hysterical blindness. So, I find myself talking to them
in carefully measured phrases, designed to keep us on safe ground.
Because if we stray into current events and they source Fox to support
some idiot neocon idea, I can keep my tongue, but they’re liable to see
the pity in my eyes. And I need every friend I can find… even the



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