JCBI Rankings

A few had asked so I figured I’d post here for everyone.

The JCBI 13U team is currently ranked 7th in Missouri in points out of 46 teams. Points are awarded based on tournament placements, the higher you place the more points you are given. Obviously the more tournaments you play, the more points you’re likely to earn.

The power ranking in my opinion tells more about the strength of a team. The power ranking takes into account:

A teams win percentage
The teams beaten winning percentage
The teams lost to win percentage
The number of games played
And the actual number of wins and losses

JCBI is currently ranked 4th in the state out of 36 teams. Don’t ask me about 46 vs. 36 teams, I can’t explain the discrepancy.

Regionally (region 4), made up of the teams you’re likely to run into at the World Series, JCBI is 17 of 108 in their power ranking. Nationally, 227 of 863 again in power ranking.

So there you have it. All-in-all not bad for early in the season, but there’s still quite a bit of work to do.

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