Rampage: May Madness – top 8 finish

Rampage had their first tournament of the season this past weekend when they played in the AFA May Madness tournament in Columbia, MO.  This was Megan’s (and our) first experience playing competitive softball and in my opinion, both her and the team did pretty well managing to place in the top 8 teams.  I’m still trying to get my bearings –it’s very different than baseball in many ways.  But I was happily surprised by the speed of the game (baseball can be so slow at times) and the ability of many of the girls and teams we saw –a bit of an ah-ha moment if you will.  I think the girls and team will go far, and if I understand correctly, all the girls on Rampage are young enough to keep playing together next year too, a bonus.

May Madness Photos are posted. 

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