Rampage: Memorial Day Classic

Updated: 5/26/2008 8:30 pm
Dog-Gone-It… a miserable morning for softball in KC today with a steady rain and rain soaked fields to play on. Rampage drew the Heat for the first game this morning, the only undefeated team in the tournament. Unfortunately, Rampage couldn’t muster the win, despite Kristen’s two run shot over the fence. That’s how it goes sometimes.

All-in-all I thought the girls played pretty well. This is a really young team compared to most of the competition and it shows not only in size, but experience too. As the season progresses, I bet the girls will grow and go far. Coaches are considering some (a?) 13U tournaments, it’d be interesting to see how the girls do against teams their own age.

Rampage, I believe has a week or two off from tournaments. Perhaps a pick up game or two against some local teams.

During the tournament I clicked off just shy of 500 photos. So, between the number of photos and it being a pretty busy week around here with softball camp, baseball games, etc., I probably won’t have anything posted until the weekend. Keep checking the Rampage folder in the photos section for any updates.

5/25/2008 11:30PM
This weekend we’re in Kansas City for the Memorial Day Classic, where teams come from all over to participate. We’ve seen teams from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and probably a few more that I’ve missed. Needless to say the level of competition has been pretty impressive.

Its been two full days, three games each with one more day to go –barring a rain out Monday. Unfortunately, Rampage got off to a slow start Saturday, losing their first three games, but picked it up today winning two of the three. Megan took a ball off the tip of her glove and busted her lip pretty good, in the last game today. That event took Megan out of the game and unnerved the girls a bit making for a tough inning for ole Rampage. Once we got her doctored up and the girls realized she was ok, things settled down a bit, but the damage was done.

So we’re only two for six going into bracket play Monday, but the girls are in good spirits, having fun and eager to play, come what may. Fingers crossed; here’s hoping for a victory tomorrow morning.

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