JCBI: The losing streak continues

Another ugly baseball evening for JCBI last Wednesday. Lots of frustration is building, and it’s pretty sad to watch these days. I don’t know, hopefully the team will pull it together, it’s awfully late in the season for our skills and especially our heads to be in such an ugly place.

JCBI has a tournament this weekend in St. Louis –first one since April 3rd, provided it doesn’t get rained out like all the previous ones. Hopefully it’ll help get the boys and coaches back on track. Fingers crossed.

JCBI 13U Loses

The JCBI 13U baseball lost a league game Wednesday evening to Columbia Starpath 13-4.

Riley Klosterman led the hitting with a double and RBI, Jake Laughlin was 2-2 with a pair of hits, Joseph Limbach and Trevor Rucker also had hits. Alex Johnson and Dan Haynes each had an RBI, and Johnson, Klosterman, Rucker and Dylan Brauner scored for JC. Scott Stegeman was the starter and picked up the loss, with Brauner, Joey Smith, Corey Beard and Johnson also pitching for JC.

JCBI is now 11-9 for the season.

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