JCBI: TBN World Qualifier

Updated 6/10/2008
John Haynes provides the game summary:

JCBI 13U Loses at TBN Tournament

The JCBI 13U baseball lost three pool games at the TBN World Series Qualifier tournament last weekend in Columbia.  JC opened with a 4-3 loss to the Macon Explosions, then a 4-0 loss to the Mighty Bucks and finally a 10-2 loss to the Mid America Blue Devils.

In the Friday evening game against the Explosions Joseph Limbach was the starting pitcher going 2.33 innings allowing 1 earned and 2 unearned runs and getting the loss.  Corey Beard pitched the final 3.67 innings and gave up 1 unearned run.  Jacob Laughlin led JCBI hitters with 2 hits including a double, a run scored and 1 RBI.  Alex Johnson had a hit and run scored and Corey Beard also scored for JCBI.  Dan Haynes had 1 RBI, and Scott Stegeman picked up a hit for JC.

On Saturday evening JC lost the first game to the Mighty Bucks 4-0.  Sam Atkinson was the starter and got the loss, but held the Bucks to 2 runs on 3 hits over 5 innings.  Joey Smith pitched the last inning in relief.  Bucks pitching held JC to 4 hits with Laughlin, Haynes, Atkinson and Trevor Rucker picking up hits.

In their second game on Saturday JC lost to the Mid-America Blue Devils 10-2.  The Blue Devils starting pitcher went 5 innings and allowed just 1 hit with 9 strikeouts.  Alex Johnson doubled for JC and was driven in by Smith; Corey Beard walked and was driven in by Klosterman.   Alex Johnson was the starter for JC and took the loss; Scott Stegeman pitched in relief.

JCBI dropped to 11-12 on the season.

Updated 5/8/2008 9:00 pm
Well it was a short weekend for the boys –three games and they were done. A team that was scheduled to play in the tournament pulled out which shorten things up a bit, canceling the consolation game. Frankly speaking though, it wasn’t a bad start, even though the boys lost all three games. Parent and coaches seemed pretty pleased with the weekend considering this was the first tournament for them in over two months.

Next weekend… We’ll make our 4th trip to St. Louis…

p.s. No pictures from TBN this weekend –all night games. Hopefully a better schedule in STL.

This weekend JCBI 13U takes another crack at playing a tournament, thankfully in Columbia and not St. Louis! And from the looks of the weather it’s time to play some baseball! So today’s the day boys, dig out those cleats, dust off the uniform and try to remember how to hit the baseball. We all know it’s been awhile (April 3rd), but as soon as those feet hit the field, it’ll come back to you! Good luck and thank God!!!!!

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  1. Even though our offense left something to be desired, at least we didn’t beat ourselves. We played pretty good defense and once our bats come alive, I see light at the end of the tunnel. Scott can’t wait to play this week and I can’t wait to watch.(We love this game.)

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