Blackberry or iPhone

I rarely post anything about technology anymore, which may seem odd for an IT guy. There’s just so many folks already doing that sort of thing, I just don’t feel that I can add much more to the conversation already taking place. And besides, I’m more into the management of technology these days and few wanna go down that road.

Admittedly I’m a skeptic when it comes to technology. I’ve listened to and experienced my share of sales pitches over the years. And I’ve witnessed countless “you don’t get it” facial expressions from sales folks, when myself or team punches holes in their Utopian like sales pitches. So it takes a lot to get me excited, but the new iPhone might just be one of those got-to-have gadgets.

Manjit Singh, CIO at Chiquita Brands International is quoted in last weeks Computerworld as saying,

I have nothing against iPhone. It’s great, but we’re a BlackBerry shop, and I don’t think iPhone brings anything new to the table. It has a great user experience, but that’s all.”

That’s all? Perhaps we’re different than other IT shops, all things considered, if I can deliver a better user experience for anywhere near the same money, count me in! In fact, that intangible value gained by providing users a choice of technology, Apple vs. PC, iPhone vs. BlackBerry (we’re already a BB shop too), etc,. is extremely appealing as long as the acquisition and support cost are manageable.

I don’t know, I’m still cautious, but the 2.0 version of the iPhone has caught my eye, when I couldn’t have cared less about its predecessor.

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