Will it ever stop raining?

I know. You’re all getting sick of reading my complaints regarding how crappy a ball season it’s been this year, but I just can’t stop myself. Out of seven games schedule this week, we’ve managed to play one and the odds of playing the remaining three this weekend don’t look good. If it wasn’t for bad luck, our little team just wouldn’t have any luck at all. Example; yesterday the sun is shinning, the birds are signing, the field are dry and due to a scheduling snafu our game was canceled as we stood in the batting cages getting ready to play. What more can be said?

At this time last year, Sam had play about 100+ games, this year, 23.

It’s pouring down rain again in central Missouri and we’re schedule to be in St. Louis tonight to kick off another tournament at 7:00 pm. Need I say more?

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