Saying what needs to be said

Speaking to our JCBI 13U boys.

Boys, it’s time to see some life out of you on the ball field. You may remember, it was about this time last year as you played in the state tournament. You boys had a difficult early season back in 2007 and nobody was sure what to expect. But, you knuckled down, brought your talents to the field and busted your behinds –you surprised a lot of folks and walked off the field with your heads held high.

Now, a year later and 2008 has been no cake walk either. A very promising early season with very high expectations, that was quickly followed by the perfect storm. First the rain and endless tournament rain outs that robbed you of both practice and playing time. Followed by the AAA reclassification mid season. None of that matters anymore. None of it!

Guys, you’re the first AAA team since JCBI started –be proud of that. Your coaches have prepared you and you’re a pretty strong defensive team. Know it and act like it. Understand that it’s time to bring your talents to the field and leave behind all the negativity. You can hit, you can defend, you can steal, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

As you head into this years state tournament, take the field like it’s your’s. Play with everything you’ve got. With every pitch, with every hit, with every run; you bring everything you’ve got! No half efforts and thus no regrets! You do that and the scoreboard doesn’t matter. You do that and your parents and coaches will be proud of you. You do that, and you just might surprise yourself and a lot of other teams again this year.

Now, go kick some _ _ _!

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