Athletes need a highlight reel

One of the techniques I’ve used over the years to help a child build self confidence is the highlight reel. Most any child who has watched ESPN or any televised sport for that matter, is familiar with highlight footage. In fact they often look forward to it, whether at the end of the game or the end of a season, it’s definitely entertaining and always inspiring.

I contend every athlete should develop a highlight reel of their own. And as a coach you can help your athletes develop their own mental highlight reel by pointing out their great plays and reminding them to add it to their highlight reel. And then by helping them recall their great plays when things aren’t going so well.

We’ve all had bad days, days where we don’t live up to our own expectations. On those days, it’s helpful to recall some of these mental highlights to counteract our negative thoughts. When negative thoughts take root in athletes, its often hard to counter them and the child risks falling into a slump that’s hard to dig out of. Personally, I think one of the most powerful weapons in a coaches arsenal, provided you’ve laid the ground work, is to use an athletes own highlights to remind them of the successful athlete they are.

And thanks to the advancement of technology, the use of camcorders and simple computer video editing capabilities. It’s not that difficult to create an actual highlight DVD for your athletes. Most every team has a parent who knows how to do this –why not ask them to assist your team by putting together highlights for the team? It’ll be a great tool and wonderful keepsake to boot.

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