Back from VMworld 2008

Spent last week in Las Vegas at VMworld along with 14,000+ other IT professionals.  Pretty amazing what 14,000 nerds can do to cell networks, wireless and internet access –you can pretty much forget about it.  It was my first VMworld and my first conference in years.

I won’t go into the details of the conference — most of you couldn’t care less, but I really enjoyed the interaction with other like minded people.  Most of the time, people I interact with outside of work have no feakin’ idea what I do or anything about the topics that interest me.  IT management, computer security, networking, etc., these discussions don’t excite anyone but those making their living in these area.  So, I soaked it up and I already miss it to a degree, but it’s good to be back home with the family and thinking a bit about baseball again.

2 thoughts on “Back from VMworld 2008

  1. I was actually looking forward to seeing you write about something OTHER than baseball. Not being part of the corporate class, I don’t get to go to these fancy conferences and was very much looking forward to experiencing the event vicariously.

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