Top notch sports gear equals second mortgage

The high price of sports gear

from Youth Sports Parents by Mark Hyman

Here’s my latest post on BusinessWeek’s “Working Parents.”
I’m writing about the high price of youth sports gear. Do 11-year-olds
really need baseball bats powered by “CNX technology”? No. Do we
happily buy these expensive toys for them? Absolutely. Want to see my
credit-card bill?

I really enjoy reading Mark’s blog and often link to it here.  I wish I had his drive and abilities to keep posting focused sports and coaching related stories during the off season, but my mind wanders too much.

Anyway, his latest BusinessWeek’s story created more than a few chuckles around here.  Nah, I won’t show you my credit-card bill, you’ll know the story when my son rolls into the dugout and begins unpacking several gloves, catching gear, and various bats for any hitting situation.  I get exhausted just watching him — and the rest of the team for that matter.

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