You better stop before someone gets hurt

Oh, how many times I heard that one growing up.  For that matter, still hear it today; so much for growing up I guess.  Horse play is a staple at the Atkinson’s, we thrive on it, even though it drives Mom nuts most of the time.  Whenever someone sits next to you on the couch, their motives are always suspect.  And sure enough, at the first laspe of concentration, you’re liable to get socked in the shoulder or leg.  Which is immediately followed by Sam or Megan running for their lives with me in hot pursuit.  Sometimes they get caught. Sometimes they make it to their rooms and lock the door.  And sometimes, as was the case last week, there’s and entirely different outcome – can you say karma?

That’s pretty much how it went, with Sam running down the hall for his life with me in hot pursuit, only this time, his foot didn’t quite clear the wall – thud.  Followed by a one leg hopper over the bunny gate in the hall (yes, we have a pet rabbit).  And another loud thud as Sam crashed to the floor on the other side.  “Told you somebody would get hurt.”

Sam’s a pretty tough kid, tougher than I, then or probably now for that matter, but after a couple of days hobbling around the house it was time to see the doctor.  Diagnosis – one broken toe.  Broken toe or not – that’s not gonna earn you an easy day at baseball practice and serves you right for froggin’ me in the leg. OK… Maybe I’m being a little hard on him, he can skip running suicides next week.

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