A week as a youth sports parent

At the risk of sounding like a whine, I thought it’d be fun to outline a typical week in our life during the busy season.  Some day I know Sheri and I will look back and miss these days, but right now, we’re just trying to hang on.  As like most things with twins, it’s twice as much work, but you get through the different stages quicker than a family with kids of various ages.

Here’s a typical week for us.  School, work and sleep somehow get squeezed in.

Sam – physical therapy (PT) for ankle and baseball practice
Megan – track practice or meet

Sam – league games (double header)
Megan – PT for shoulder and track meet

Sam – PT and baseball practice
Megan – track meet

Sam – practice or tournament game
Megan – PT and track practice, if there’s time, softball practice

Sam – off
Megan – track meet

Sam – baseball tournament (2 games)
Megan – softball tournament (2 games – at least)

Sam – baseball tounament (2 games)
Megan – softball tournament (2 games)

Then we start all over again Monday – with some similar variation.  Too much?  Probably.  Both kids somehow managed to get hurt this year at the same time, not hurt bad mind you, but bad enough that they need a little help getting through it.  Sam has struggled with his achilies for the last sever years, but PT has worked wonders.  Megan hurt her shoulder pole vaulting during a track meet a couple weeks ago.  Hard to believe the timing of it all.  And yes, sometimes we pray for rain.

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