Blah blah post follow up

OK. I figure it’s time for a follow up on my cryptic post a few weeks ago.  I got to admit, you guys are creative.  I received a few phone calls, quite a few email and a couple of comments – (no anonymity allowed on the comments if you want it approved).  Seemed like everybody knew or thought they knew what I was talking about, few got it right.

So here it is, and I know you’re surprised, but I was upset with a couple of calls during a baseball game that happened that evening.  This time however, I bit my tongue – in a manner of speaking anyway.  Some couple weeks later I haven’t seen those umps on the field again, whether luck or perhaps they’re getting some extra training or gone, I don’t know.

But, I gotta admit, from what I’ve seen of the majority umpiring this year at Twin Oaks – I’m impressed.  BC has worked pretty hard on improving the level of umpiring and it shows.  Congratulations guys – I know it’s not an easy task and thus far I think a lot of folks are impressed.

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