Parallels of baseball and life

Players make choices, often without realizing they’re doing so. To allow a poor approach to be repeated over and over again — one which greatly inhibits effective performance — is to make a choice, whether it is a conscious one or an unconscious one.  For example, a hitter who is confused and fustrated brings the response to his at-bats. He chooses to dwell on the problem, rather than the solution. Self-pity or anger leads to a loss of confidence. Loss of confidence further distracts him. His distraction gets in the way of his ability to see the ball well.  The proverbial snowball effect has taken over. So much for having a good day at the plate.

–Harvey Dorfman, 2001

Whether at the plate or anything in life — no truer words have ever been spoken.  At the end of the day — we are responsible — not “blue,” not the person down the street, not your life circumstance.  You are responsibile for either how you rise or fall to the challenge — anything else is but an excuse and a distraction from you finding your way.  Now, go hit the freakin’ baseball!

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