WE vs. YOU

I spent this past weekend in Kansas City along with another 217 (some odd) girl softball teams and their parents. And I gotta admit, it’s sorta nice being on the other side of the fence for a change.

One game in particular I was watching caught my attention.  It was a heated and close game — the kind where both the parents and coaches get, in my opinion, overly involved. Anyway, after the team had won the game, the kids came running to the dugout as the coaches ran onto the field screaming, “WE DID IT!”  And as the euphoria took root, I sat there somewhat stunned in silence thinking WE?  What do the coaches mean by WE?  Did they (the coaches) just make the diving catch to save the game?  Did they strike out the previous two batters?  Did they score a single run? Again, WE????

Coaches are teachers, they either sit in the dugout or stand outside the lines.  Think about that for a second, outside the lines…  We (coaches) aren’t and don’t play the game, the kids do.  They (YOU) DID IT.  Think about that next time you run onto the field to celebrate with your team and this time scream “YOU DID IT!” Not only is it more accurate, it’s more powerful.

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