When lightning strikes

You just never know when it’ll happen, but it happened tonight for our boys on the ball field. We only had about half the team tonight so it was a pretty informal practice. And I mean to tell you, the boys looked like pint sized pro-ballers.  Diving plays, across the body throws, well timed double plays, amazing hustle and range –whew!

So what was the motivation?  Ask the kids and their answer is along the lines, “we were just having fun.” Huh.  Who’d of thought?  It’s a theme I’ve written about here more times than I can count.  Ask and college or pro athlete and their advice to young players always include the phrase, “have fun.” Having fun equals a clear mind, a no fear – go for it attitude which in turn creates an environment for magic to happen.

Coaches, do yourself a favor and figure out how to give your kids some breathing room, they just might surprise you.

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