10 things that can help your season

I realize I shouldn’t shares these, but here’s a list of the top 10 things that helped us this season.

  1. Never wear a white uniform, not only does it get dirty, but it’s bad karma –burn it instead.
  2. Everyone and I mean everyone needs a lucky penny.
  3. Never wash your cap.
  4. Never drink from the water cooler without examining the cup for holes.  You bunch of smart-asses.
  5. Between innings, never allow the baseball outside the lines — NEVER!
  6. If you find a lucky tent stake, toss it out the window on the way to the ball bark, then go back and find it.  It doubles your luck.
  7. Warming up before the game — never step on the line.
  8. Rally caps are for sissies, instead hum and wiggle your fingers.  It works much better and you don’t look as stupid.
  9. Don’t let the kids play with your fungo.
  10. And finally, a trip to Hooters can’t hurt.

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