Lady Jay’s Softball Photos

I finally managed to carve out a photos section on this site for the Jefferson City Lady Jays Softball teams.  Parents and players, feel free to download them as you like, if you get stuck just ask me at the games or you can email me here.

This year will be different for me… as a parent in transition, both of my kids are freshman this year and entering high school sports programs.  And my role in youth sports, as far as they’re concerned is diminishing.  It’s time for new coaching, new ideas and new opportunities, specifically, it’s time for them to step up and take on sports without the safety net or the baggage of their parents.  So for me, I’ve decided not to blog or get over involved…  instead I’m just going to silently support my kids and their teams and help them tell their story through the lens of my camera.  I intend to remain involved at some level with youth sports and will likely continue the occasional blog post when the mood strikes.  And I plan to get actively involved again, after my kids have had their moment… I think that’s how it should be and that season of change has arrived.

Go Jays!!!

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