Not enough to do?

The company I work for recently made a major announcement about changes within the Senior Executive circles.  And it did so in a not so traditional fashion, making the announcement on the company blog by the outgoing CEO himself.  No filters, no committees, no PR team, none of that.

I had planned to update the blogging software that day, but obviously opted to postpone until the news spread and folks had a chance to read for themselves, but I digress…  What surprised me a few days later is when I heard through the grapevine that some folks felt slighted, they didn’t have the inside track on the news and that it hadn’t filter down the traditional corporate ladder, C-level, to VPs, to Managers, etc.

Now this is probably going to get me in hot water, but I always think of these type of complaints being the result of folks not having enough to do.  I mean, come one… seriously?  Whether at work, home or with personal issues, I always try to ask myself if what I’m worrying about is really worth my time, does it or will it move the needle?  Perhaps I’m wired differently, I don’t know, but I know that on my very long list of to-do’s, who knew what when doesn’t help me get anything accomplished and it certainly doesn’t help our company or us personally accomplish anything.

I kinda like the way it was announced… it affects most of us equally why not announce to everyone in this fashion?  I’m sure given enough time one could rationalize a good argument, but if you examine it closely, it’s probably more about control and class, than anything else.  But then again I have a blog…

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