Ball season gets underway

Well as it relates to baseball conditioning, that started back in August, but kicks into high gear over the next few weeks.  What I’m referring to here is softball and the first practice of the year.  It’s nice getting back into an indoor facility and seeing all the kids hard at work, the sights, the smells and the sounds.  It’s something familiar and in an odd way therapeutic, it’s a sign things are getting back to normal, normal for our family anyway.

This year will be different as I’ve alluded to many times in recent months.  No more coaching.  Sure I’ll still work with my kids, but outside of what their H.S. and summer coaches are doing.  I get to watch, take pictures and bite my tongue – probably the biggest challenge I’ve faced in awhile.

I’ve also been kickin’ around what to do with this blog for awhile now.  Either its coming to a close or radical changes are in store.  The majority of this past fall and winter I’ve focused most of my free time in my other passion, photography.  We’ll have to see how it goes, but don’t be too shocked if you wake up one day to find this blog has taken a drastic turn.

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