P90x – day 8

It’s been a long week and difficult first week.  I thought I was in decent shape, but nothing compared to where this exercise program is going to take you.  The Yoga routine (day 4) pretty much wiped out the soreness – 90% of it I’d say, before it I could hardly walk.  I’m starting to get familiar with the routines, they’re much easier the second time around.  And the Ab Ripper routine – on day one I couldn’t do 95% of those exercises, but on day seven I could do 95% of them.  What a difference a week makes.  The pull-up bar is still a challenge though.

The wife joined in sometime mid week – she didn’t want to get left in the dust – and I’m glad, I know we’ll both need a push or two over the next 90 days.

Most of the folks I work with are doing the Insanity work outs at lunch and they keep trying to sucker me in.  I don’t know, but think one extreme workout a day is enough.  Two and they might cart me away to the loony bin.  This is going to be the fittest IT department in the state without question.

Plyometrics tonight… yea baby!

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