Passionless in IT

Can “IT crawl out from under the ambition-crushing, innovation-sucking, soul-destroying minutiae of just keeping the digital lights on.”

An interesting line from a recent article in Computerworld.  Seems the passion within IT of truly engaged professionals has fallen from a high in 2007 of 12% to only 4% in 2009.

Without a doubt it’s been a difficult couple of years – the pressure to keep doing more with less and less takes a toll.  I personally can’t remember a conversion in the last few years that didn’t primarily revolve around cutting cost.  And we’ve amassed quite the pile of half completed/tabled projects over the years.

I’d also add that technology these days is a bit disjointed – HA!  Few things seem to work out of the proverbial box and interacting with manufactures support; well most would rather have a root canal.  Technology has always been a bit like putting a puzzle together without a picture, but these days not only is there no picture, it seems someone tossed in a bunch of extra pieces (from another puzzle) just to make it more fun.

ComputerWorld’s article does a good job of describing the situation. However, the question remains, what can be done about it?

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