P90x week 3 – day 14

Well, it’s been three solid weeks of the most intensive exercise I believe I’ve ever done.  In all honesty it’s difficult at times to find an hour to hour and a half to focus on exercise, but believe it or not it’s still something I look forward to doing.

It’s already interesting to look back and see how the previous weeks have gone.  I’m doing more and more reps with heavier weights.  Somethings (exercises) I simply couldn’t do in week one, I can now, particularly with Yoga, balance, plyometrics, pull-up, etc.

The only confession I have to make is that we’re not following the diet program.  I still eat like a twelve year old, almost nothing but fast food and I can’t remember the last time I’ve eaten a fruit or vegetable.  Thirty years ago?  So, I’ve come up with my own modified diet; admittedly it’s not the best, but compared to what I was eating, I’ve come a long ways.

I’m not a breakfast eater – never have been, so breakfast and mid-morning snack consist of 16-32 ounces of water.  Lunch comes early, about 11-11:30am and consists of 5 ounces of smoked turkey breast and a diet soda (I’ve almost entirely given up sugared soda – amazingly).  Mid-afternoon snack, might be a snickers, peanut butter crackers and some more water.  And dinner is pretty much whatever it always was, just smaller portions.  Whole grain pasta, whole grain breads, eggs, that sort of thing.  As I said, it’s not perfect, but compared to where I started, I’ve come a long ways.  I figure I’m landing somewhere between 1200 and 1500 calories a day.  Weekdays usually go much better than weekends, but I keep trying.

The payoff – most of my body is beginning to show the fruits of all this labor and as I said, from the record keeping I’ve been doing, I’m certainly getting stronger.  And without a doubt, I certainly feel much better than I have in a long time.

I can also report that for the wife – she’d pretty much echo everything I’ve said.  Simply put, we’re both converts and convinced.  As the sales pitch goes, you don’t need a gym or thousands of dollars worth of exercise equipment to get in the best shape of your life.  You simply need P90x, some dumbbells, a pull-up bar, and the disciple to show up and bring it.

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