P90x – day 18

It’s been a fairly difficult week as far as the exercise is concerned. I really tried to push myself the first three days this week, doing less reps and lifting more weight. The workouts have been exhausting and typically take me an one and half hours or more to complete – I press pause, a lot. And it’s been one of those weeks that I struggled with motivation.

Thursday’s Yoga day. Strangely enough I love this workout, but this Thursday I just couldn’t get focused and really struggled.  So, today I tried to reach really deep and make up for Thursday and you know, a strange thing happened.

Pull-ups, chin-ups, etc., have really been the bane of my existence the past three weeks.  I always try to get 10 reps, but never got past 3 or 4 without needing to put my leg on a chair for the last 6 or 7. However, a miracle happened today. During the leg and back workout, I knocked out at least 10 without the chair for each exercise and for both sets. Pull-up and chin-ups combined, we’re talking about 80+ reps and no chair. I’ve never been close to pulling that off. Talk about a motivating experience at a time I really needed it.  Hopefully it’ll carry me well into phase 2!

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