P90x day 32

And still working my tail off… it’s been 32 days of what seems like constant exercise, anywhere from an hour to two a night, every night.  I’m almost a week into phase 2 now and it’s definitely not phase 1.  I’m still amazed how simple exercises with minor adjustments can make what was mastered into an almost impossible task.  The back and biceps routine destroyed my biceps and made the accomplishments of week 3 on the pull-up bar a thing of the past.  It’s time to take it to a new level and I guess that’s the point, so all week I’ve been hitting it harder, staying committed and pushing through.  Even though it’s felt like a step backwards, I know the routines are more difficult and I just focus on the concept that the success I had in week 3 will be that much greater in week 7.

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