P90x day 38

Another one of these mini-celebrations.  Today was yoga day and finally I was able to hold the crane pose for about 30 seconds… it’s been a struggle since the beginning.

In the early days I looked forward to exercising everyday, but now that I’m 6 1/2 week in, that’s not exactly the case.  Most of the excitement is gone now, but as they say, just keep pushin’ play.  And that’s my approach these days, just go downstairs and hit play.  Once theme music starts, the mind starts to change and within a minute or two I’m back in mentally.  They say, phase 2 is about commitment and I think that’s a great description.  Just stick with it and the big results are just around the corner.  I guess the other things that keeps me going are these minor accomplishments (holding crane today).  Every day I exercise and look back at the previous week and I see improvement.

The weight-loss seems to have slowed a bit, I’m about threes pounds away from my 160 goal I set years ago and seem to be stuck.  Need to figure out a way to jump start that again, but I’m still pretty happy with the changes.  I didn’t take the photos in the beginning, but I’m definitely wishing I had.  Shoulders, chest, lats, abs have all seen drastic improvements.

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