P90x day 49

Well, for the first time in 49 days I’ve missed an exercise routine – not that big a deal I supposed since today was either a rest or stretch day.  Too many projects to take care of, a troubling sign when trying to fit in a two hour exercise routine.  Next week is an off week and it seems as good a week as any to transition from an evening workout to a morning one.  I’ll be getting up about 5 am to make this work, but at least this way I’ll get to see some Jays baseball and should have more time to catch up with the family and complete some projects.

A couple weeks ago I mentioned a weight-loss plateau.  I re-adjusted my diet once again and feel like I’m back on track.  In Phase-2 you eat a bit more carbs than Phase-1, but I went back and focused on protein intake. It seems to work for me, but it robs energy for the workouts.  I’ll probably keep this up until my body starts dropping weight again (another week hopefully), then I’ll boost the carbs and hope I’m through the plateau.  I’m going to need the carbs for Phase-3, where I hope to hit it really hard as I make my way towards the finish line.

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