P90x day 56

That’s it for Phase 2, Phase 3 starts tomorrow morning at 5:00 am.  Not much to say about Phase 2…  on paper, I definitely got stronger – heavier weights, more reps, more pull ups, etc.  By the seat of the pants test, looking in the mirror, it’s much harder to tell if anything has changed in the last 4 weeks.  Phase 2, for me, didn’t result in any earth shattering changes like Phase 1 and little if any weight loss.  It’s been somewhat discouraging, but I stuck with it and I’m planning to stick with this till the end.

For Phase 3, I’m really going to watch my diet more closely… and God willing, I’ll find something inside myself to push harder, lift more, and with fewer breaks during the workouts.  Phase 1 was about deciding – Phase 2 was commitment and Phase 3, which I’m ready for, is about succeeding.  Bring on the success!

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