P90x day 61

It’s all the little accomplishments that keep coming in this exercise program that keep me fueled and jazzed.  Seems like every week there’s something to celebrate and all those little accomplishments are starting to add up to big accomplishments.  To date, I’ve lost 15-20 pounds – I’m not exactly sure which since I didn’t weight myself prior to starting this program, but for years I’ve hovered around 175 or so.

Today was the day I reached one of my goals, goals set back on July 14, 2006 – I never made that 160 lb goal and frankly gave up thinking I’d never get there… until P90x.  Next up 155 lb; is that possible?  With 29 days left, it just might be.

If you’re thinking about an exercise program, I just can’t say enough about P90x.  It’s hard… but if you keep at it and want it badly enough to work hard enough, you’ll get results that are hard to believe.

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